Fulfil campaign promises to us, pensioners tell Oyebanji

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Fulfil campaign promises to us, pensioners tell Oyebanji

Pensioners in Ikole-Ekiti have urged Ekiti State Governor Biodun Oyebanji to keep his election pledges and pay their unpaid gratuities.

A representative sample of the retirees in Ikole-Ekiti who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria said they were patiently waiting for Oyebanji to start paying the backlog of gratuities in 2023.

They complained that the price of food and other necessities had increased to a point that they could no longer support themselves in Ekiti on their monthly pension.

Mr. Biodun Ogunniyi, a retired teacher who is one of the pensioners, made a request to Oyebanji to honor his pledges to the pensioners and pay their unpaid gratuities.

The seniors had been promised that Ogunniyi would find a method to pay the unpaid gratuities, according to Ogunniyi, who described Oyebanji as “a excellent listener, humble and courteous.”

“The pensioners in Ekiti are gravely suffering, thus I want to appeal to our governor to keep his campaign promises to us.

“Many of us are depending on him, and we are waiting patiently for him to pay our gratuity when we are still alive and well.

He remarked, “I pray that God would help him keep his commitments to us during his administration.

Ogunniyi further exhorted Oyebanji to follow through on his promises and take the necessary action to protect the retirees from starvation and misery.

Mr. Omotayo Omoleye, a former employee of local government, claimed that since his retirement on February 8, 2014, he has prayed for the governors of Ekiti, asking God to change their hearts so they will think of pensioners.

Omoleye advised Oyebanji not to give up on trying to find a way to cover the unpaid gratuities.

He asked God to give him wisdom so he might reduce the enormous debt and ease the misery of the state’s retirees.

A second pensioner, Mrs. Abigail Agunbiade, a retired community health worker, claimed that many of them relied on Oyebanji’s assurances that his administration would pay back the unpaid gratuities.

She explained that aside from transportation, the cost of food products was currently out of reach for a retiree.

We are all aware that Oyebanji received the unpaid gratuity from Dr. Kayode Fayemi, his predecessor, but he has pledged to reimburse us.

“The gratuity is our entitlement, and paying it in due course is what we are praying for,” she said. “It would help us get through this trying time in the state.”

As part of his 100 days in office, Mr. Victor Owolabi, a former security officer and another pensioner, pleaded with Oyebanji to set aside his other commitments and pay the seniors’ unpaid gratuities.

Owolabi, who characterized Oyebanji as a populist politician who prioritizes serving his constituents, expressed his belief that God will enable Oyebanji to keep his campaign commitments to pensioners.

According to NAN, Ekiti pensioners are eager to get their gratuities because they think Oyebanji will fulfill his word and not let them down.

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