First Question I Asked Him Was What He Has For Us Up North, He Told Me That He Didn’t Have Anything

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First Question I Asked Him Was What He Has For Us Up North, He Told Me That He Didn’t Have Anything

Former All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council member Hajia Najaatu Mohammed has detailed her chat with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, in London, United Kingdom.

Hajia Naja’atu Mohammed reportedly announced her resignation from the APC campaign organization and the ruling party last Saturday, according to reports. More information about the former APC leader’s conversation with the former governor of Lagos State was revealed in a frank interview with THISDAY.

After he made his infamous “emi lokan” comment in Ogun State last year, she admitted that she started to notice that the APC presidential candidate is not what they had projected him to be to the public. Naja’atu said that she had previously declined to serve as the APC presidential campaign council’s director of civil society.

She began by explaining what happened, saying: “It started the day he made that announcement in Ogun when he stated it’s his turn. That implies that Nigeria has been turned over to some individuals as their private property. It’s comparable to cutting a pie: you have the knife now, you cut your own, you eat your own, and it’s my turn to do the same. He meant exactly what he stated when he made that statement.

They called me after I had abstained from all of their activities, and I declined their offer to serve as a director of the civil society organizations. They refused it, and then they started pleading with me, saying, “Please, in the name of God, please take it!” I rejected. Because I haven’t actually sat down with Asiwaju to hear what he has in store for us, particularly up North, and because I don’t want to come across as conceited, I don’t want to accept it.

In the list of members of the APC campaign organisation provided to journalists, she stated that is why they listed my name as co-director along with the name of another person. When Aswaju called me that evening to express his appreciation for my stance in rejecting the appointment, Naja’atu said: “I flew to London the next day to see Aswaju on his invitation. Yes, sir, I said. Considering that I am not currently a zombie. I must know what plans you have for us. He then asked if I could travel to London, so I booked a flight the following day to meet him there. We talked for two hours.

“I started by asking him what he had in store for us up North. He was very clear in telling me that he had nothing. I questioned him, “You mean you don’t have a blueprint, sir?” No, he replied. I won’t have a plan until after the election. There will be a lot of distractions if we wait for you to win the election, I warned, so you need to have a plan. You must be able to communicate your plans to us.

Are you aware of the insecurity? I told you we have so many issues. Don’t you remember the youngsters who aren’t in school? Don’t you feel the hunger? the inability of people to visit farms? Look Naja, please put your requests in writing so that I can include them in my manifesto, he added. Even though I was irate, I had patience. I left him, went back to London, rallied the troops, and, to use the phrase, we came out with some demands.

In order to give Tinubu the paper he requested she produce, Naja’atu, who has met and endorsed Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, claimed she was denied entry. “As of now, they won’t allow me visit Asiwaju or give him the document. I tried everything I could, but I still haven’t seen Asiwaju. Since then, I haven’t had a seat with Asiwaju. I was denied access to visit him by them. He’s crated, she remarked.

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