FIFA Unveils "Fuleco" As Brazil 2014 World Cup Mascot

Fuleco, World Cup 2014 mascot

FIFA has announced the three-banded armadillo acting as a mascot for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil will be called ‘Fuleco’.

The name was determined by an online poll in which almost 1.7 million people from Brazil took part, with 48 per cent of them choosing the winner as their favourite over ‘Zuzeco’ and ‘Amijubi’. According to the organisation, the word ‘Fuleco’ is a term which is being used to raise awareness about football and the environment.

The mascot itself represents the three-banded armadillo, which is an endangered species in Brazil and will wear the colours of the Brazilian flag.

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The figure had been unveiled in September, with 12 giant, inflatable versions in all the host cities for the tournament.

At least three of them have since been taken down, however, following several violent acts against the endangered animal.

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