FG Fixes New Date For International Flight Resumption

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has extended the closure of international airspace until October 15 instead of August 19 as previously stated.

Federal Government had in March shut down international airports in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The federal government had allowed only diplomatic and essential flight operations.

In a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) NCAA stated that only essential and diplomatic flights would be allowed for now until the airspace is opened for international flight operations.

Adamu Abdullahi, director, consumer protection of NCAA, said international airports would remain closed until October.

He, however, said there was never a time the Federal Government gave a specific date for reopening the airspace for international flight operations.

According to Abdullahi, the government had previously said the airports would be closed until August.

He clarified that with this extension, the airspace would remain closed until October and if there was a need to extend the closure, it would be communicated.

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  1. You are an idiot, what it your own meaning of diplomatic flight? So you people will be flying claiming to be on diplomatic duties while poor remain lock in the country. Every reasonable country have been working around the covid19, put some measure in place to curb the spread from international corridors here you are empty scores can not fashion better way of handling this but to close the international air way that only affect the poor from march till October. That’s good seven months. I know many people that came from abroad to spend their leaves and were cut up with pandemic so they have to leave their job for this whole period. I regret been a Nigerian. Positive thinking people please let challenges this nonsense in the court of law may be we can get justice apart from their abrakadabra. Lazy people. To think positively became a big deal except to embezzled the nation fund.

  2. Corona virus is a layer why de cancel all work. Our answer is Nigeria no good leadership stupid u are not serious

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