“E No Go Better For You Buratai”, Soldiers Curse Chief Of Army Staff | VIDEO

 Soldiers of the Nigerian army have become the topic of the day as they sadly curse the Chief of Army Staff Tukur Buratai in a new video.
The video surfaced on social media and the voices of two soldiers were heard lamenting how the Nigerian Army had made thew suffer in the forest.”E No Go Better For You Buratai”, Soldiers Curse Chief Of Army Staff

One of the officials recording put the camera to his face and he was close to tears as he cursed.
“E no go beta for army o, e cannot beta for army. Dis tin wey army don do us e no go beta for dem. Army don sell us finish. See di way dem attack us, their ammunitions. Army e no go beta for dem. E no go beta for dem at all. See di way army suffer us, army suffer us. E cannot beta for them. e cannot better for army. Army don suffer us finish“, he said, walking towards the other solider and capturing a burning Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected MRAP.

“Which kind nonsense be this, wetin we dey do inside this bush, which kind nonsense be this“, the other was heard saying, while the first soldier added, “My brother dem don suffer us. After dem don finish us dem go say jail, dey say jail when dem don finish us. Buratai e no go beta for you for life. Buratai e no go beta for you. E cannot beta for Buratai for life.“

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  1. Nigerian government should, as a matter of urgency look into the plight of our soldiers that a fighting book haram

  2. Nigerian soldier need to be equipped properly in order to come out victoriously in the fight again insurgence

  3. More than 99% members of the fulani thugs nickname military and police are brainwashed animals among this territory natives used by fulani bandits from Guinea to defend the fraud nickname fulani caliphate with its emirates and against Disintegration of this territory natives. Any this territory native in the fulani thugs nickname military and police which do not quit now and join his or her Sovereign State, must die in vain with fulani caliphate with its emirates. 215 years of the fraud nickname fulani caliphate with its emirates has come to an end with the Sword in the ongoing Revolution War under the natives Disintegrated Republics. The fraud nickname Nigeria has fallen and gone forever- it is Yugoslavia of Africa. The six geopolitical zones are Sovereign States- Biafra Republic of south east, Niger Delta Republic of south south, Oduduwa Republic of south west, North East Republic, North West Republic, North Central Republic. Only the Sword decides.

  4. My name is scout John from Lagos To end bokoharam (bkh)in Nigeria is not easy but I think the president should send all the troops in Nigeria both air land and sea to take cover that little state in North by evacuation by fire leaving no soul called bokoharam and also developing that state as well because it only north we have that so called bokoharam it can’t be in Lagos because Lagos is well developed thanks

  5. To finish terrorist in northern is not easy by our Nigerians Army, they suppose to joint hand with other local securities, before to achieving their aims and objectives, whole Nigeria we have lack of securities that would defend our nation

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