Drone attack targets U.S. base in Baghdad airport

Drone attack targets U.S. base in Baghdad airport



An attack by two drones reportedly struck the U.S. Victory Base on Monday at Baghdad International Airport, according to local media.


Two drones were shot down by the U.S. defense system, according to photo footage released on social media.


The written scripts on the wings of drones roughly translate to “Leader’s revenge” and “Soleimani’s revenge.”


Meanwhile, Iran’s Deputy Vice President for Legal Affairs has said that granting immunity to perpetrators behind the killing of Qasem Soleimani threatens international peace.


He has written a letter to the United Nations General Assembly to seek a resolution on Soleimani’s assassination.


In the letter he has written, ”It is highly proposed that the universally respected General Assembly; while within condemning the state-centric assassination of the foreign state and diplomatic officials, take all possible legal initiatives within its authorities, including the adoption of a resolution to prevent such crimes in the future.”

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