COVID-19 Patients May Need Lungs Transplant, Have Heart Attack Or Stroke – Nurse Reveals

While recovering from COVID-19 is a thing of happiness and joy for the affected person and his family, a nurse has come out to explain what ‘recovering’ may mean.
@sheriantoinette an ICU nurse took to the streets of Twitter reel out some vital information, saying that patients who are declared recovered may need lung transplant or even have heart attack as an aftermath but are usually not told so at the point of discharge.According to her, Coronavirus is the worst disease process she’s ever worked with in her 8 years career as an ICU nurse. She then noted that the virus is designed to kill as it thickens the blood and may have one to be on oxygen for the rest of his life. She added that the world may run out of resources in tackling the virus if the curve is not flattened.

“COVID 19 is the worst disease process I’ve ever worked with in my 8 years as an ICU nurse. When they say “recovered” they don’t tell you that that means you may need a lung transplant. Or that you may come back after d/c with a massive heart attack or stroke bc COVID makes your blood thick as hell. Or that you may have to be on oxygen for the rest of your life. COVID is designed to kill. It is a highly intelligent virus and it attacks everything. We will run out of resources if we don’t continue to flatten the curve. I’m exhausted“, she tweeted.


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