COVID-19: FG warns community transmission still ongoing, says pandemic matter of life, death

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned against community transmission which is still ongoing in affected parts of Nigeria.

In his live broadcast on Monday evening, 13th April, in Abuja, Buhari noted that the National Centre for Disease Control has informed him that; a large proportion of new infections are now occurring in our communities; through person-to-person contacts.

Community transmission is used to describe the situation where a person is infected by the virus: but hasn’t been overseas recently or been in recent contact with other confirmed cases.

The term basically means authorities are unable to trace the source of the infection.

In other words, what that means is members of the community who are infected could be going round, infecting others.

Buhari said there is need for the public to pay attention to the danger of close contact between person to person.

The President stressed that, “At this point, I will remind all Nigerians to continue to take responsibility; for the recommended measures to prevent transmission; including maintaining physical distancing, good personal hygiene and staying at home.

Buhari also noted that presently, the cessation of movement, physical distancing measures; and the prohibition of mass gatherings remain the most efficient and effective way of reducing the transmission of the virus.

Coronavirus community

He said that, “By sustaining these measures, combined with extensive testing and contact tracing; we can take control and limit the spread of the disease.

” This is not a joke. It is a matter of life and death. Mosques in Makkah and Madina have been closed. The Pope celebrated Mass on an empty St. Peter’s Square.

” The famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris held Easter Mass with less than 10 people. India, Italy and France are in complete lockdown. Other countries are in the process of following suit. We cannot be lax.”


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