Coronavirus Death In Italy Surpass China As 3405 Dies From Outbreak

 Italy has overtaken China as the nation with the most deaths from coronavirus.

Another 427 people in Italy died in just 24 hours, taking the country’s death toll to 3,405. Some 3,245 people have died in China since the virus first emerged there late last year.
The gruesome milestone is being blamed on a perfect storm of Italy’s elderly population, its overwhelmed healthcare system, and the delayed lockdown of the outbreak’s epicentre in Lombardy.

In complete contrast, China today recorded no new cases of Covid-19 in Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province – the source of the global outbreak. The dramatic development shows just how much the outbreak has pivoted towards Europe, with the Chinese authorities reporting that all 34 new cases across the entire country today were from foreign travellers.

Elsewhere around the world, more borders have shut, leaving some to wonder how they will get back home.

In the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand banned tourists, allowing only citizens and residents to return, while Fiji reported its first case, a worrying development in a region with poor healthcare.


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