Blossom Chukwujekwu’s Ex-wife, Maureen Esisi Begins ‘Ashewo Season’ After Father’s Death

Maureen Esisi, the ex-wife of Nollywood actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu, has shown off her curves and skin in a new video as she starts ‘Ashewo Season’.

Naija News reports that the latest post is coming months after she lost her father and took to social media to cry out about her life being shattered.

However, barely a few weeks after her father was laid to rest, Maureen took to her Instagram page to share a seductive video, showing her skin in a skimpy outfit.

In the video, Maureen gave her fans and viewers a complete view of her body as she turns while dancing.

She captioned the video: “Ashewo season, Say hello to Sheila” 

The post generated mixed reactions from netizens, while some gushed over her with beautiful compliments others trolled her.

paditaagu wrote: “This Ashewo season is hot and Red like…..Atarodo”

healthertainer wrote: “Red!!!!!! This drip is Denjarous”

adaobi_amadi wrote: “I will never understand why some of you follow a person whose lifestyle you don’t agree with. This woman is an adult who is capable of making her own choices. You and I may not make the same fashion choices that she does, but she’s within her rights to dress the way she likes. Is her dressing hurting you personally? No. So why are you so triggered?”

ebubegiftebube wrote: “Hmmmm I think u have pass this, being naked always”

callmeada1 wrote: “E get wetin person they pass , especially for age, culture, …tank God for billionaires like Linda..mittewwww u go tire..continue”

viveeana wrote: “Saw u today,ur so beautiful, these videos don’t do u justice”

peculiarkalu wrote: “You need help red! Please not in a rude way but with care. You’re deeply lonely and need help. Please you guys should not come for me. If you know red you will know she’s a good soul. So I care about her mental health. May God keep you strong dear.”

achalugonwanyi_xoxo wrote: “All these mbuzos coming here to write dumb things about age… shey Una no wan pass her age abi. Ndi ara ara. Never minding your own business! Sensxlxss trolls”

pretty_feli wrote: “Is her life is her choice, make we di concentrate for we own problems”

momma_farishams wrote: “Still one of my best videos of you I watched it till it almost ran away from your page when you first posted it then you’re beautiful and so unbothered”

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