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This article is about Bloggers and Freelancing, making decisions, the tough ones, for freelancers and bloggers.Before I should start off with my toady’s article I will like to familiarize many who really don’t know about blogging and freelancing. A blog is a discussion or information website where you can find discrete writings called posts placed in the descending order, and a person who practices blogging is a blogger. Freelancing is selling of services to people without any long term commitment and a person is called a freelancer.

If you put in your untiring efforts and your hard work pays you off then blogging is quite a rewarding experience. You are rewarded both in terms of money and respect that you earn worldwide. But it is a human nature- bloggers might be carried away easily by the success they achieve. Bloggers start showing contempt towards freelancing forgetting that this was their first step towards their success. But my personal opinion is even if you become a top blogger still you should keep trying new arenas and diversifying your skills. Freelancing opens new arenas and opportunities which are far beyond from just being a blogger. So it is not advisable to abandon freelancing for the sake of blogging. Freelancing is very much connected to blogging and you can seek great help from it. Even if your entry in blogging is quite young yet you should take risks to polish your skills.

Blogging not being Easy

blogging is good

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Blogging is not a piece of cake and you may take ample of time before it pays you off. So in such conditions, freelancing can help you earn your pocket till your blog runs successfully. Time does remains as merciful as ever, you may get to see financial crises God forbid in case your blog is now not bringing you enough money. Also, in such a time when there are high inflation rates it is very difficult to rely on such a source of living which may collapse any time. Hence, you should have some side source of earning and for bloggers freelancing is the best option. As a comparison freelancing is more reliable, stable and paying.

I am quite sure that many of you might be thinking that why I’m being such a pro freelancing. Freelancing is a great medium for publicity, advertising your work worldwide which helps you progress your blog. Freelancing helps you to try new genre of your interests making you more versatile while blogging makes you write only for particular topics. Freelancing indulge in you the art to trade, how to convince your clients and deal with them which in turn helps you when you are starting your personal blog.

Reasons To Stop Freelancing


There might be a number of reasons why a blogger decides to stop freelancing:

  • Blogging makes you the boss while in freelancing you are the subordinate. No one likes to be ruled but loves to rule.
  • Money can do wonders and when blogging starts bringing in heavy amounts you consider freelancing as inferior.
  • Blogging make you lose your temper very quickly and when you freelance you deal your clients the same way as you blog. The result is you end up in a dispute and lose your clients thus deteriorating your freelancing career.
  • You are forced to freelance but blogging can be done at any time of your own choice.

Bloggers and Freelancing

To conclude, I’ve seen many successful bloggers who started off their career with freelancing but when their blog starts to run they abandoned it. A person should never forget his roots. If he does so he is being ungrateful. Sky is the limit, so a blogger should never abandon freelancing for short term benefits.

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