Benue: APC’s Impending Death, A Result Of Poor Management Of Internal Processes – Iortyom

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Benue: APC’s Impending Death, A Result Of Poor Management Of Internal Processes – Iortyom

The Benue State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) claims that the All Progressives Congress (APC) impending collapse in the state is due to the APC’s dysfunctional internal operations.

The party said that the APC’s eventual demise should not be attributed to the PDP, but rather to the party’s state-level leaders, since the APC lacks the resources to manage its internal procedures, which will cause it to fail.

Bemgba Iortyom, the party’s 2023 campaign spokesman in the state and the state’s publicity secretary, stated that the APC has focused solely on fabricating accusations against the PDP rather than trying to win the 2023 elections.

Iortyom, for instance, noted that the APC has consistently charged the PDP of funding its disgruntled candidates’ legal claims against it while simultaneously destroying its campaign materials.

While claiming that the accusations were just gimmicks, he also made note that any APC campaign materials worth considering seriously were intact and available for the state citizens to review.

Iortyom claims that “APC’s prevailing doom and the attendant impending death of the party are clearly the results of poor administration of its internal processes. This fact they should own up to and work to address, rather than indulging in false accusations against PDP which in the end will only amount to a waste of their time.”

“Since the Benue State Chapter of the APC pretended to start a rerun of their governorship primary election, the party has taken to the media to hurl all manner of charges against the PDP as being responsible for a collection of problems plaguing them in the state, according to the party.

“The APC’s allegations against the PDP in this case range from the destruction of their campaign materials to sponsorship of Professor Terhemba Shija’s legal battles against what he is challenging as a rigged gubernatorial primary election in 2022, as well as a purported hiring of thugs to disrupt the re-run of the primaries scheduled to have started yesterday.”

When listing some of the concerns, the PDP spokesman said, “First of all, all APC publicity materials that are worth considering are still in tact at their various places, and this is physically obvious to anyone who may choose to confirm.

“The opposition party in its allegations released pictures of several placards inside a car as proof of the allegedly destroyed materials, leading many to wonder why PDP will forego using big campaign tools like billboards and bother itself with a meagre number of placards.

Second, it amounts to blatant illogic whenever APC makes the claim that PDP is funding disgruntled candidates on its platform who are suing over the results of the party’s gubernatorial primary in 2022, given that PDP itself sued to overturn the same procedure.

“The question that arises here is, if it should follow that everybody in court disputing the Benue APC guber primary in 2022 must have been funded by someone, who then is sponsoring PDP? According to independent report.

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