Asari Dokubo Makes Revelation About Oil Theft

The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Asari Dokubo on Friday revealed some things about oil theft in the Niger Delta region.

According to Dokubo, individuals who fund the criminals behind oil theft in the region are not from the zone.

He further stated that people from the region who are found guilty of oil theft are not up to one percent of the population.

Dokubo disclosed this during an interview on Channels TV on Friday morning.

He noted that most of the oils that are stolen from the Niger Delta are taken to Togo and Ghana, adding that the government is aware of it.

Dokubo said, “The people who bring these tankers are not Niger Deltans. If they are Niger Deltans, they would be so few, maybe those who have access to government and government money.

“Because to get a tanker from here to Togo and Ghana or Cot D’Ivoire (these are where most of the stolen oil is sold), the government knows about these things; you need close to one to two million us dollars.

“There is a mother vessel and the mother vessel anchors outside Nigerian territorial waters. Then there is a feeder’s vessel, which comes in 2000 tonnes, 3000 tonnes, flat bottom and so on, so as to go into the creeks to steal it, and they bring it in a shuttle to fill most of these tanks.

“It takes up to one month. They are loaded in 2000 tonnes, the highest that can go into the creek-the flat bottom is 3000 tonnes. Three thousand tonnes is bigger than your Channels TV house; this is where the money is.”

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