Aluu4 movie in the making

There’s an Aluu4 movie in the making and it’s being produced by Simony Productions, the Idumota marketers that brought you Blackberry Babes.

I hear the movie will be titled Aluu4. I kinda have my reservations about this movie…mostly because it’s being produced by Idumota Marketers who only care about making money and not necessarily as a tribute to the memory of the young men who lost their lives on October 5th. And I’m almost sure no one from the production team contacted the family members of the murdered boys, or even visited the Omoikiri community in Aluu where these killings occurred…and they probably didn’t interview anyone directly involved in the case, including the police, to get the inside knowledge of what really that Friday.

Their movie will probably be based entirely on everything written online, because I think you need more than a month of research work before you start shooting a movie based on a major real life event like this. I stand to be corrected tho. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see how the movie turns out…

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