Allow Us To Enjoy Our Honeymoon, My Wife Is Not 11 Years Old, She Is 21— 60-Year-Old Bauchi Man

A 60-year-old Bauchi man, Aminu Danmaliki, who recently got married to a young lady from Kano has begged his critics to allow him to enjoy his marriage because his wife is not a teenager. Recall that a few days ago, a video of Aminu Danmaliki’s wedding went viral on social media days ago with some people accusing him of marrying a bride that looked so young. His critics said that underage girls should be protected rather than married off. Some of them even alleged that the bride is just 11 years old.

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However, in a post on his Facebook account yesterday, Aminu stated that the claims made by his critics were untrue because his wife is not 11 years old. He said the lady is 21 years old and she married willingly because she loves him. Aminu begged his critics to allow him to enjoy his honeymoon since he already cleared the air about the bride’s age.

“Some suggest she is 11 years old and that she was forced to marry me. That is untrue. Here it is: My beloved wife is 21 years old she made her own choice of me as her husband and I loved her too. I hope the blackmailers and doubting Thomas will see the reality in this picture and leave us alone to enjoy our honeymoon.” He wrote.

Source: The Cable paper

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