5 EU nations seek talks on vaccine distribution

5 EU nations seek talks on vaccine distribution


The leaders of Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Bulgaria are calling for talks among European Union (EU) leaders; about the distribution of vaccines within the 27-nation bloc.


Austrian media reported Saturday that the five leaders wrote a joint letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen; and European Council President Charles Michel.


That came after Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz complained on Friday that, even though the EU had agreed on distribution of the vaccines on a per-capita basis; some countries were receiving considerably more than others.


The letter asserted that “if this system were to carry on, it would continue creating; and exacerbating huge disparities among Member States by this summer.”





Officials elsewhere have noted that countries have wanted differing amounts of various vaccines; and have not always taken up their full allocation.


Austria’s health ministry — which is run by Kurz’s junior coalition partner — was among those rejecting Kurz’s criticism.


Oe1 radio reported that its general secretary, Ines Stilling; said negotiations on distributing the vaccines had been “balanced and transparent.”

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