4 Wrestling Matches That Had To Be Stopped Due to Injury

In the world of professional wrestling, injuries are an unfortunate reality due to the physically demanding nature of the sport. Wrestlers often push through pain and discomfort to put on a show for their fans. However, there have been instances where injuries have forced matches to be halted, either temporarily or permanently. Let’s take a look at four wrestling matches that had to be stopped due to injury:

1. Tegan Nox vs Rhea Ripley (Mae Young Classic, 2018)

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Tegan Nox, who had recently returned after recovering from a knee injury, faced Rhea Ripley in the quarterfinals of the Mae Young Classic in 2018. Unfortunately, during the match, Nox suffered a significant injury to her second knee. She tore her MCL, ACL, and other ligaments, leading to the immediate stoppage of the match. It was a devastating blow for Nox, who had worked hard to make a comeback.

2. Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara

During a match on Raw in August 2013, Sin Cara, the original performer using that character, dislocated his finger. As a result, the match against Alberto Del Rio was halted, and Del Rio was declared the winner. Sin Cara had joined WWE with high expectations, being touted as the next Rey Mysterio, but injuries hindered his progress during his time with the company.

3. Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan (Monday Night Raw, 2013)

In August 2013, Randy Orton faced Daniel Bryan on Monday Night Raw. During the match, Bryan suffered a stinger, which caused temporary numbness and weakness in his arms. The referee made the decision to stop the match to ensure Bryan’s safety and well-being. While the match was called off, it was a precautionary measure to prevent further injury to Bryan.

4. D-Lo Brown vs Droz (SmackDown, 1999)

One of the most infamous incidents in professional wrestling occurred during a SmackDown taping in 1999. D-Lo Brown faced Darren Drozdov, also known as Droz. The match was supposed to end with D-Lo executing his running powerbomb finisher on Droz. However, due to Droz wearing a loose shirt, D-Lo couldn’t get a good grip, and Droz couldn’t jump correctly to support the move. As a result, Droz landed on his head and broke two disks in his neck. The match was immediately stopped, and Droz was rushed to the hospital. The injury left Droz paralyzed below the neck, although he would regain some upper body strength in the following years.

These incidents serve as a reminder of the risks involved in professional wrestling. While injuries are an unfortunate part of the sport, the well-being and safety of the wrestlers must always take precedence. When serious injuries occur, matches are rightly stopped to ensure that appropriate medical attention can be provided. Wrestling promotions prioritize the health of their performers and take necessary precautions to prevent further harm.

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