32-Year-Old Man Jailed For Having Séx With Prostitute

A man has been jailed for one year after having séx with a prostitute in a Dubai hotel.

The Saudi tourist, 32, claimed he only hired her for a massage but was sentenced yesterday by the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The 34-year-old Usbek woman was jailed for three years after admitting prostitution,.

She will be placed under police surveillance for three years, according to

The man and the woman were also jailed for one month for drinking alcohol.

The Saudi tourist said: ‘I am not guilty. I did not have séx with her. I tried to be sociable when I consumed liquor’, according to the website.

His lawyer said the pair met at a nightclub and his client invited her back to his hotel room.

He said the woman’s story to police was inconsistent and varied between claims the pair had unprotected ‘bizarre intercourse’ and protected séx. quoted him as saying: ‘There he got naked so she could give him a massage…but they did not have séx.

President Judge Mohammad Jamal said both will be deported when they have completed their sentence.

It was not specified in prosecution records how the police were notified in October.

The woman admitting being deported previously from Dubai for working as a prostitute.

The United Arab Emirates has some of the strictest séx laws in the world.

Séx outside of marriage is illegal and people risk prosecution, imprisonment, a fine or deportation if they are found guilty.

It is also against the law for unmarried people of the opposite séx to share a hotel room unless they are closely related.

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