2019: Vote For Competence, Not Gender – APC Female Aspirant

Lagos state businesswoman, Mrs Adesola Elegbede, on Friday advised voters to choose competence over gender while making electoral choices.

Elegbede gave the advice on Friday in Lagos state, while declaring interest in the Lagos West senatorial seat on the platform of All Progressives Congress.

She said that she was prepared to fiight for the interest of indegent members of the senatorial district.

“A lot of women are fond of creating the impression that they deserve pity and electoral support simply because they are women.

“Both men and women are equally endowed and should be elected based on competence and capacity,” she said.

Elegbe promised members of her constituency that she would make visible impact if elected as senator.

“The major reason why I am entering this race is because representation of Lagos West, presently, is not efficient, and I am prepared to change this,’ she said.

The aspirant urged the leadership of APC to create a level playing field for all aspirants in the spirit of fairness.

Elegbede, shortly after her address, headed for Abuja for the screening exercise of the APC for all aspirants.

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