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I’m Glenn Judo, an alumni of Covenant University from the department of Economics. I am currently running my NYSC, 5’10 feet tall and in the thin line between being dark skinned and light skinned. I was brought up in the city of Lagos, into a family of 5. I’m the last of three male children making my mum the only woman in the house.

“My advice for every budding and start up entrepreneur is to listen to feedbacks”


Tell us about your business.

Infamous by Glenn Judo makes distinct shoes and sandals at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Infamous is coined from the phase ‘Internationally Famous’ originally it would be ‘Intfamous’ but that would have been boring and less inquisitive so hence Infamous.

The major goal of infamous by Glenn Judo is to make it one stop centre for men, women and children for all their clothing needs with stations around the globe.

We currently make shoes and sandals for men, we are working on launching our female line soon.

How did you come about the idea/concept and what inspired you to go into this?

I have a penchant for good quality and good looking shoes. Most of the shoes I saw on display via the online stores and boutiques were almost perfect and needed that extra fine touch. I decided to make my shoes myself and the feedback I got from people. This triggered the entrepreneurial spirit in me making it into a business and that gave birth to INFAMOUS by Glenn Judo brand.

How did you get the skills to run your kind of business?

Majorly I always keep thanking God I have learnt a lot on the job and I’m still learning much more every day. The major skill which gave me a great advantage is the skill of pattern making.

What was your major challenge starting out as an entrepreneur?

The challenge of initially matching supply with demand and also my academics-business life balance because then I was in my 300 level omega when it all started.

What do you consider a major challenge for entrepreneurs, businesses in general, and your kind of business in Nigeria?

The major challenges would be high cost of raw materials, unstable power supply, absence of modern equipment and machines and lack of funds.

How do you market your business or get your customers?

I started infamous about two years ago to make shoes for myself and since I didn’t plan for it to become a business, I had no prior knowledge or preparation, I basically was dependent on word of mouth or referrals, as time grew by, I wanted more and decided to explore various other channels like social media networks.

How has social media or internet generally help impact your business? Share an experience with us.

I studied in an institution where mobile phones were not allowed, the only means of communication was through the internet which wasn’t always accessible in all areas of the university then, I used social media channels especially Instagram (my most active channel) to help build my business. I had an already growing base on my personal account, so every single time I wore my products, I would always tag and caption it on my personal account. As time went by customer base grew larger.

What stands you out from others?

Infamous shoes and sandals are bespoke- An order can be customized from the color choice to the toe-cap shape. Each pair is created with the finest genuine materials from the leather for the upper, down to the steel buckles, laces and our all-round soft linen and insole this allows for high durability and also makes it very comfortable.

Also we have a very wide range of products , ranging from monkstraps  (single, double and even triple), brogues (wingtips and cap toe),oxfords, loafers (penny, tassel, grosgrain, horsebit etc), boots (Chelsea, monkstrap, lace-up), palm sandals and slippers,

Where do you see your business in the next few years?

Like I said earlier on, one of the umbrella goals of Infamous by Glenn Judo is to become a one stop centre for all clothing needs for everybody – men, women and children around the globe. We intend to have products ranging from shoes, shirts, trousers, suits, dresses, underwear, fragrance, accessories and a whole lot more.

In the next few years. I see infamous by Glenn Judo getting closer in the realization of this umbrella goal.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a small business?

My advice for every budding and start up entrepreneur is to listen to feedbacks, show don’t tell, get comfortable with the unknown- sometimes you may not have all the information you need to make a decision, you have to trust your gut.

How can people find you?

Twitter – @Infamous_GJ

Instagram – @Infamous_Glennjudo

Facebook –

Website: – (under construction)

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