Dayniike meets Dancer, Singer& guitarist, TEMISAN!

Temisan (born Tonnie Temisan Francis) is a singer, songwriter, musician and performer who shows no hesitation in letting the character he is trying to portray seep into his music. The result of this beautiful fusion is an ideology that modern music is more than just a rhythm. It is also a combination of catchy hooks, body-moving synths and of course, unforgettable vocals and lyrics.


As part of the “Soul Quest“ crew that won the Malta Guinness 2008 dance contest, Temisan maintains that his main foray into singing rather than dance actually occurred almost like a fluke.


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Twitter: @callmetemisan




Dayniike: Hello dear, Please introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your background:


Tenisan :My name is Temisan. I am from Delta state but I was born in Kaduna state into a family of 5. I’m the second child.




Dayniike:.  So you love dancing. Yes?:


Temisan : Yeah. A lot. Although I haven’t danced in a while… *coversface*




Dayniike: Why didn’t you take up dancing as your main profession? Why switch to singing? :


Temisan : I didn’t take up dancing as my main profession because dancing was just something I bumped into when I was 16; singing has always been ma first love. Right from childhood, my dad will sit me on top of his car while I sang to his friends. This happened almost every evening. *Laughs*





Dayniike: How did you feel winning the Malta Guinness dance contest in 2008? :


Temisan : I was shocked and naïve to d feeling at first but then I embraced it soon enough.


PS :  Winning the competition confirmed my love for entertainment.




Dayniike: Do you still dance with your dance crew?:


Temisan : No, I don’t dance with my dance crew anymore because in 2010, we all decided to  pursue different careers but we still stay in touch.




Dayniike: Your song ‘Ole’, What inspired that? :


Temisan : ‘Ole’ was born out of a lot of my experiences with the ladies, so I just channeled all that energy into words and OLE was born. Im glad a lot of people love the song. *laughs*








Dayniike : Who inspires you to be better?:


Temisan :The only person that inspires me to be a better person is my mother and she does it every single day of my life.




Dayniike: What would you change about the Nigerian music industry if you could? :


Temisan : I wouldn’t wanna change anything about the Nigerian music industry because it’s still a work in progress and it’s bound to get better. It’s still growing and very soon every good artiste will have a platform to express themselves.




Dayniike : Who would you say is your idol in the music industry? :


Temisan : My number one idol is Yossour N’dour from Senegal. His music is intense yet simple and the constant african melody with his lyrics  always calls out to me in a certain way dat only my heart can explain.







Dayniike : How has it been so far? I mean, being an artist.:


Temisan : It’s been very challenging but I love what i do so I ignore all the negatives and soldier on.




Dayniike : So are u a movie person?:


Temisan : I loveeeeeeeeeeeee movies….




Dayniike :. How do you spend your free time? :


Temisan : I love to sleep, chill and hang with friends, basic stuff *laugh*




Dayniike : Based on the music industry in Nigeria. Which artistes would you like to work with? Name a few. :


Temisan : The nigerian industry is blessed with a lot of gifted people so I won’t mind doing a song with any artiste I’m caught up in the studio with. *laughs*




Dayniike : Who is your favourite artist; home and abroad? :


Temisan : 2face and Akon







Dayniike:. Should we be expecting anything from you soon? What are you working on currently?:


Temisan : Well, there’s a lot of work ongoing at my camp at the moment. We recently put out a freestyle called “Sunmomi” which everyone can listen out for on the radio, or online. We’re prepping my official single for release very soon and videos too so a lot of support and dedication is going into my project. I’m blessed to be under good management and a good label. Fans can catch me out and about at various events, I’m excited to be on the grind non stop.




Dayniike : Tell us about the challenges you have faced in your career and how u overcame them.


Temisan : First of all, there’s the struggle to be heard, the struggle for airplay and the struggle for acceptance. The challenges keep going on and on until that fateful moment when it all changes. So I’m waiting, praying and preparing myself for that moment.




Dayniike : Ok Temisan, it was really nice chatting with you. Thanks dear. Any last words?:


Temisan : I am a work in progress and I’ll definitely reach my goal. Even though I’m taking baby steps, I’ll always pray for the best and this goes out to every talented young person too.  I also wanna thank Dayniike for the unending support. 🙂




Temisan Social: @callmetemisan,




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