Pretty Mike enthralled by Symbas Erothick’s bum

Popular Nigerian socialite and club owner, Pretty Mike has left a suggestive comment on Symbas Erothick‘s raunchy post on Instagram.

The Ghanaian model shared a photo from the boat cruise with the caption;

“All I have to say is that absolutely enjoyed myself on Uber Cruise boat 2! And of course, I shut it down each and everyday….periodt!”

Wasting no time, Pretty Mike commented saying;

Well, to be honest, I have seen ur butt over a million times in person, but it never gets old, u rock sis, #AssPower”

Equally important, Symbas Erothick has revealed on numerous occasions that she is sexually attracted to Aliko Dangote. The Instagram nudist and socialite mentioned that she has a crush on the wealthiest black man in Africa.

Making the revelation via a lengthy post on social media.

According to Symbas, she revealed that she is not attracted to Dangote because of his wealth, instead, she is overwhelmed with his legacy.

She mentioned that she is impressed by his grind, humility and his ability to become a philanthropist in the society.

Uploading a photo of Dangote, She wrote:

“Ok, so this is going to be long so you ADD followers leave now. I would like to start by saying Happy Birthday to Mr Aliko Dangote. Why? Because I love him.

People always laugh and say “Symba cause he got the coin” and yes that’s definitely part of it but more importantly it his legacy, his grind, his humbleness, his audacity to dream larger than life… just to name a few. Most people when asked who is your all-time crush would say people like Boris Kojo, Idris Elba, Drake lmaooooooooo but my answer since I’ve become knowledgeable of his existence has been Dangote.”

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