Maami Igbagbo Connived With Cult Boys To Steal My $16K – Kingtblakhoc

Nigeria’s foremost adult film star, Kingtblakhoc has accused his ex-girlfriend and also porn star Elizabeth Ajibola aka Maami Igbagbo of being the person being his recent arrest and his arraignment in court for shooting a porn movie inside the Osun Osogbo grove. Kingtblackhoc

The embattled porn star further alleged that his current situation being cash strapped was also caused by his ex Maami Igagbo. He said Maami Igbagbo connived with some cult boys and made away with his $16k (N7.5 million). He said this to a lawyer friend ahead of his court appearance on Monday, September 28. Kingtblakhoc and Maami Igbagbo

According to Kingtblakhoc, he has been getting death threats since then and all efforts to get back his money has been abortive.

He said;

“I became depressed and felt betrayed by the woman I loved, I took to alcohol and marijuana to fight the stress and depression and decided to move on with my life.”

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