‘I enjoy seducing men with my body’ – Amara Maduka

Voluptuous Nigerian actress, Amara Maduka has opened up on why she loves to flaunt her voluptuous body on social media.

In a conversation with a correspondent, Amara Maduka disclosed that it is not her wish to display eroticism on social media but it is something inherent.

According to the actress, she loves teasing men.

I didn’t choose the naked life; the naked life chose me.

I embraced my body and the part of me that a lot of people are afraid to even confront within themselves.

Further, I love eroticism.

I take erotic pictures for no reason.

The agency got drawn to my content after seeing my page on Instagram and contacted me.

They don’t have any model in Africa and they decided I will make a great representative for their brand over here. Despite how much I love erotism, I won’t do porn. I’ve been contacted twice for that with a mouth-watering offer.

I love erotic, not sex. I’m a tease. I enjoy teasing men but when they bring out the real deal, I’ll run away.”


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