Yvonne Okoro Is an Actor – Not an Actress

Yvonne Okoro

I know the headline of the piece will let some readers go Gaga, others might think am naive or sound stupid but that’s what it is…..

Chinyere Yvonne Okoro is a Ghanaian actress born of a Nigerian father. She has received Ghana Movie Award’s Best Actress Award in 2010 and was nominated for African MovieAcademy Awards Best Actress twice in a row in 2011 and 2012 for her movies Pool Party and Single Six. She is among the top best actresses in Ghana and known for her remarkable performances.

Yvonne Okoro is a now pinnacle movie honcho in Ghana whose career is really taking off. I really didn’t distinguish her in the first movie she starred in dubbed Beyonce to the Return of Beyonce produced by Venus Films, playing an auxiliary lead role and Directed by a certain Frank Rajah.

For the motive that, Venus Films Production only knows how to unleash new talents who just know how to take the Ghana movie manufacturing to another level each and every season, they nevertheless paused to expose the hidden ability of the now top Ghana most versatile actress Yvonne Okoro by featuring her on several films in the motherland.

The actress (Yvonne Okoro) blew up like a force fire in the Ghana Nigeria movie industry after playing a massive role as a Prank model and a huge Talkative who fell in love with actor John Dumelo functioning as Rooney Lawson, the Kasapreko limited CEO in another Frank Rajah movie entitled ‘THE GAME’. Yvonne played the role with professionalism and at that instance of watching the movie, I felt the passion of acting inside the Actress, simply put she was genuine.

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro can now brag to that highest extent right about now, since she has so many films playing uproarious roles to her records, counting 4Play, Royal Battle, Agony Of Christ, ‘Le Hotelier’ in France, Sticking to the promise, Sasha, Why Marry featuring the Africa’s Best Majid Michel among others plus many more. But there is a new Shirley Frimpong Manso movie in the cinemas now dubbed “CONTRACT” and Yvonne okoro is the main feature with supports from a South African movie act widely known as Hlomla Dandala.

One can’t feel the suspense in any Trans-African movie without watching the mentioned movie (CONTRACT). The Ghanaian actress had her fingers on the pose of her usual comic alongside talkative act, whilst she killed the role of a pregnant contract woman for the South Africa movie star who needed a baby so badly in the film and ended up having quadruplets though his mom was his P.I.M.P (providing him with different kinds of girls for sex) since she also needed a grandchild.

I went speechless when Yvonne Okoro popped up in the first scene as an ordinary girl looking for a job at a restaurant… She was hilarious and so real with passion upon acting the scenes in the movie from beginning till end.

I said to myself, she is what African movie has been yearning for so many, because she is adaptable to every given role though Ghana has female movie moguls like Jackie Appiah and co but there is a “BUT”.

Ghanaians and other African movie lovers shouldn’t be shocked when news come up with the headline “YVONNE OKORO GOES HOLLYWOOD” or “ADVENTURE” because we at TheMonteOz.com know Hollywood will definitely come for her pretty soon.

An Actress Only Acts a Woman – Yvonne Okoro is an Actor, she can act anything….

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