Soul E Baba opens up on losing N500M after failing to listen to God

Soul E Baba opens up on losing N500M after failing to listen to God

Soul E Baba is a Nigerian veteran recording artiste.


Emmanuel Okosi, aka Soul E Baba, has revealed that before he finally accepted to become a pastor, he was involved in four accidents.


Soul E, who is now the General Overseer of the New Evidence Christian Church of God, in a recent interview, stated;

I never wanted to be a preacher I knew I was called into ministry but making money and entertainment was my passion.”


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He continued;

I lost millions of naira and had four ‘major’ accidents.

Then, it dawned on me that I needed to answer the call or else I would not be speaking to you right now.

Perhaps, you would have heard a different story about me.

One thing I learned from my experience with God is that if He wants you; you cannot run from it.”


Asked if he misses anything about stardom, he said;

I miss nothing about those days because I am now a new man.

What I have achieved in 11 years of full-time ministry, I never achieved it doing music.

If God calls and sends you, He would make everything available for you.

I miss nothing.


Sharing his thoughts on the (quality of) music being churned out by the new generation of artistes, he said;

Trust me, the industry lacks content, the music I hear these days are pure nonsense.

Only a few have (good) content in their music.

It is really sad what the industry has turned into.

When we started, it was all about the passion and love for the craft, but now it’s all about fame and money.

It is so sad.”

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