Singer Jackson Browne Tests Positive To Coronavirus

Singer Jackson Browne has tested positive for coronavirus. The 71-year-old singer revealed to Rolling Stone in an interview that he recently tested positive for the coronavirus but has ‘pretty mild’ symptoms.

Jackson Browne also revealed to the magazine publication that he self-quarantined as soon as he began to have a small cough and a high temperature but is now recovering at his Los Angeles home. ‘My symptoms are really pretty mild, so I don’t require any kind of medication and certainly not hospitalization or anything like that,’

According to the singer we need to maintain social distancing to curb the spread of the virus. ‘So many people that have it aren’t going to be tested,’ ‘They don’t have symptoms, but they might have it and might be able to pass it on.

Browne said, he noted that he was recently in New York City for Love Rocks NYC benefit. ‘I’m presuming I got this flying back and forth to New York to do [the] Love Rocks show at the Beacon, ‘And now it turns out that several people who were at that show have tested positive. I’m going to try and get in touch with everybody and keep talking with them.

He said, ‘Now, I wish I hadn’t gone to New York and done this benefit. I think to myself, “How much simpler would it have been had I just called in and said, “No, I’m not going to travel on a cross-country flight and spend two days in New York with all these people that are singing all over the country.”


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