Shade Ladipo urges followers to invest

Shade Ladipo urges followers to invest

Nigerian media personality, Shade Ladipo has admonished her followers to cultivate the habit of investing.


Shade Ladipo made this known on her Instagram platform on Wednesday, April 7.


The media personality told her followers that it is quintessential for them to invest their money; and make it work for them. She specifically mentioned that her followers should desist from the mindset of relying on the bank’s interest; instead, Ladipo stated that money should be put into use; because it will increase as time goes on.


Read what she wrote on her Instagram platform;

Please start investing no matter how small or what way Your money is loosing value as it sits in your account especially Naira.

Seeing my money sitting in a savings account now does me one kind.

Your money should be a soldier; doing things because if you don’t use your money then the banks will be using it so na Lose/Lose This is what investment is in a nutshell“, she wrote.


Read her post below.

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In other news, Nigerian media personality as well as reality star, Uti Nwachukwu stated in a Twitter post that modern day relationships are worthless.


Meanwhile, here is what he wrote below;

People are getting married for different reasons now such as dating for money, to cover up the culture conditioned shame of being single as well as marrying to cater for their families

”Relationships are just a waste of precious time these days! People dating for money. People dating to get access to others they want to sleep with. Unhappy People marrying Unhappy people to cover the culture conditioned shame of being single. People marrying to cater for their Family.

At this rate, with the kind of humans that we have now, e be like to protect your future, peace and stability, na Surrogate/ sperm Bank Sure pass. That way your kids are your kids and no one can destroy your future by dragging them with you. The things we hear!” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Ladipo’s statement has generated intense reactions on social media.

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