Reno Omokri Accuses Buhari Administration of Being Behind His Facebook Account Suspension

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Popular Nigerian social commentator, Reno Omokri has blamed the Buhari administration for working behind the scenes to suspend his social media accounts.

According to Reno who has been named as Buhari tormentor, his continuous bashing of the Buhari administration has forced the government to devise plans of shutting him down on social media.

Taking to his Instagram page, he lashed out at the Buhari administration and declared that if they report him to Facebook, he would also report them to God.

He wrote:

Dear followers,

My Facebook profile has been suspended after a coordinated series of reporting it by a syndicate. I have appealed the decision. Now, the same thing has happened to my Instagram account (see the attached photo). I may soon be suspended here too. The same syndicate has reported my Instagram account.

This is an attack by the Buhari administration. This lady they are using is just a front. She is being controlled by a former PDP member who recently decamped once again to the APC and promised Buhari that he could cage me.

All of these series of coordinated attack on my reputation and social media profiles are not coincidental.

They can report me to Facebook and Instagram, but I can report them to the God of heaven and Earth. It will be a battle between their god, Buhari, and my God.

Meanwhile, I have been informed that Buhari would like to travel to London, but he is afraid of #HarassBuhariOutofLondon. Sir, do not be afraid. Come. We have a reception planned for you.

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