Reasons Behind Styl Plus’ Break Up

stylplus2It is no longer news that the trio of Shifi Omoefe, Zeal Onyecheme and Tunde Akinsanmi popularly called Styl Plus, who hit Nigeria’s music scene in 2002 with the smash singles, Runaway and Olufunmi, has gone their separate ways after nine years of doing music. But what most might not know is selfish ego, fear of the unknown and dwindling musical fortunes, contributed to the group’s demise.

According to what we gathered, the group for a long time knew their brand was no longer formidable but were not willing to go down without a fight. The uncertainty of life outside the name ‘Styl Plus’ held them back, although, briefly.

A source disclosed, “It was only their first album that made an impact. The second album was barely felt and the other singles they dropped just didn’t make any impact. These guys knew the show was over long ago but they were scared of letting go. But now the sad truth has hit them that the brand is dead, they have all decided to go their separate ways,” the source said.

Another source hints that the real reason the group fell apart was because of pride: “They were so popular when Olufunmi hit the airwaves and they were everywhere.

“Repeated attempts to get them to relocate to Lagos where the action is, failed. Though, some members wanted to relocate but one of them who was doing oil and gas and government contracts refused and that is the real reason Styl Plus broke up. Right now, Zeal is feeling very bad about it and is making attempts to revive his career.

“There is even talk he is discussing with Don Jazzy to give him a shot at Mavin Records” the source squealed.

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