“My Gbola is Still Intact” – Actor, Michael Ejoor Tells Nigerians after Crying 4 Times in One Day

Nigerian actor and singer, Michael Ejoor has countered the popular saying that “real men don’t cry” with his personal experience.

Taking to Twitter, Michael disclosed that he cried four times in one day and nothing bad happened to him.

According to him, contrary to the notion that a man who cries is weak, he felt great after crying and he intends to do it occasionally.

He added that his manhood is still intact and it didn’t shrink after offloading his emotions.

In the post addressed to men, he wrote,

“My fellow kings, don’t let anyone tell you “you’re a man, don’t cry”.

I cried 4 times yesterday, and it felt amazing! I’m looking forward to doing it now and again tbh

And guess what, my penis is still there. All 9 inches of it.”

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