Mompha deactivates IG account after EFCC arrest

Several days after EFCC arrested social media big boy and socialite Mompha, his Instagram account has subtly been deactivated.

1st News reported that Mompha was arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission on Tuesday, October 22.

A quick search on the social network for the name ‘MOMPHA’ which was a verified account prior to his arrest no longer yields any result from the search query.

Prior to his arrest by the EFCC, Mompha gained notoriety on Instagram courtesy of his flamboyant lifestyle.

He is fond of showing off his exotic cars and epicurean acquisition. The social media sensation endeared many Nigerians who were always in his comment section begging for one thing or another.


Apparently, it got to the notice of the authorities and a stealth investigation was carried out on the real source of his wealth.

Mompha was arrested last Tuesday and the charges levelled against him are infuriating.

According to reports, Mompha was arrested in connection with alleged money laundering.

Specifics of Mr Mustapha’s offence, especially the amount and illicit trade involved, could not be immediately obtained. Meanwhile, he has been detained by the EFCC in Lagos.

“Mustapha allegedly perpetrates his fraudulent activities under the cover of being a Bureau de Change operator, to launder his proceeds of crime,” the EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren had said during the time of his arrest.

The arrest was reportedly a joint operation between Interpol and the EFCC.

Mr Mustapha has cut a personality of one of Nigeria’s wealthiest socialites on social media, using Instagram to post pictures of his family’s wealth.

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