Mercy Aigbe laments after moving into new home in the UK

Mercy Aigbe laments after moving into new home in the UK

Just a week after moving to the United Kingdom, foremost Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has taken to Instagram to lament bitterly about the work that goes into moving abroad.


The adorable actress and mother, who may be on vacation in the UK, appears to have made London her permanent residence as she hinted at in her recent post.


The 43-year-old actress complained about the stress she was going through in her new home; also emphasizing that the workload is worse in London as she has done almost everything by herself.


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Sharing a photo of herself sitting on the floor while battling with a dining chair, she wrote;


“Moving homes can be so stressful, especially this London that you have to literarily do everything yourself! *whew* How is your day going my lovelies?”


See her post below;


During an Instagram Live session, Mercy Aigbe stated that she has not given up on love.


The mother of two stated;

Nowadays, marriages are breaking up everywhere and I don’t know why.

I only know why I got separated from my husband.

However, I would not encourage anyone to stay in an abusive marriage.

If a spouse has anger issues, such a person should seek help. There is nothing impossible. It is just very disheartening that marriages are breaking.”


The actress, however, maintained that any form of violence should not be condoned in marriage.



She added;

“If violence is involved, I say no, run for your life.

Don’t stay there.

We fail to understand that some forms of verbal abuse even kill faster than violence.

A lot of people are depressed.

I am tired of marriages breaking up.

Marriage is all about sacrifices.

And, sacrifices are not meant to be pleasant, so both parties should be ready to let go, compromise and reach a common ground.

They (couple) should not be proud; neither should the man always boast that he is the head.

We all know that men are the head but it is also important to note that women are the ‘neck’.

As a virtuous woman, it is only the neck that can balance the head.

If the head is slanted, it would not stand.

Anywhere the neck wants to go is the same direction the head would go.

Women are the neck that supports the head; so there should be a mutual understanding.”


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