“Men will show you shege….” – Yul Edochie’s daughter, Danielle says [Video]

“What I do in my life and with my life is no one’s business” – Yul Edochie’s teenage daughter, Danielle rants

Danielle, the daughter of the actor, Yul Edochie has left a quick message for everyone via her TikTok handle.

In a short dance video, the 17-year-old coined a caption that tried to portray how cruel people can be to others.

According to her, men, women, and anything related to mankind can terribly hurt their kind.

To Danielle, the solution to escape being hurt is jetting off to another planet, Neptune, and starting life afresh.

In her words:

Just a reminder that men will show you shege, women will show you shege, the ones in between will show you shege so just book a flight to Neptune and start a family there all by yourself.

Some reactions culled below:

One @Isabella wrote: “😂😂Omoo dats wat am even planing on doing, I don really see shege for dis life 😂.”

@Joy Ohaobese wrote: “😂😂😂😂😂😂 you are right.”

@XIN wrote: “The more i live, the more i don’t want to associate w people cos they’ll always show you shege.”

@Angel❤️ wrote: “true talk honey😂😂😂.”

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