Justin Bieber Delays Concert For Sick Girl

Justin Bieber & Millie Flamm

Justin Bieber & Millie Flamm

Justin Bieber might have been in the news lately for not so good reasons, but the good Biebs we knew is still there ‘despite the weed’. Bieber delayed his Saturday night Salt Lake City concert because he made a pit stop at the Primary Children’s Medical Centre in Utah to visit a 7-year-old leukemia patient.

Millie Flamm was too sick to attend the concert, so Justin hugged Flamm as he walked in to meet her and gave her a private show, holding her hand while singing a song.

Famm who bought a ticket to Bieber’s concert had to sell it when she suffered a relapse and was hospitalized, AP reports.

Famm’s mother was so happy at Bieber’s visit and she believes his visit will help her little girl as she continues her cancer treatment.

Justin Beiber didn’t do this just to deflect stories about him smoking marijuana. He regularly visits children’s hospitals in cities where he performs to see the sick kids.

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