I Have Over 100 Pairs Of Shoes :Yvonne Nelson’s Love For Shoes

That this leggy queen of screen is one of the best actresses we have in the movie industry in Ghana and beyond is not in doubt, little wonder it didn’t take her time before she started making wave in Nollywood, Nigeria.

Yvonne Nelson made her trust issues known in an interview recently where she also explained her unflinching passion for shoes. She proudly stated that she has over 100 pairs of shoes.

The question most people are asking is; how many of the shoes are real and how many are fake? This is because, some section of her fans believe her to be ‘Madam Replica’.

Yvonne Nelson is not the only Ghanaian celebrity who has proudly mentioned the number of shoes she keeps, earlier this year, Delay also mentioned that she has over 700 shoee and no one actually doubted her.

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