I did liposuction after birth – Yvonne Jegede

In a recent interview, Yvonne Jegede revealed that she went under the knife several months after she welcomed her son, Xavier.

Yvonne Jegede made the revelation about undergoing surgery to achieve her curvy body.

According to the single mother of one, she underwent surgery to help reduce her big tummy after she gave birth to her son.

Speaking during an Instagram live interview with Mr Paul, Yvonne said;

Yes, I did surgery (liposuction) on my stomach after I had my son; so, that made me look curvier. I had the surgery here in Nigeria. I don’t have issues with anyone on earth; In fact, I do whatever I want with myself and body”

Yvonne Jegede also disclosed that she would get married again if she finds someone who will love her child as much as he loves her.

In her words;

I would want to remarry if I find somebody who would love me and love my child. Because, right now, my child is the most important person in my life.

I wouldn’t want to marry someone who wouldn’t love my son as much as he would love his own child. He has to love my child 100%, love me too and then the feeling is mutual”

The actress went ahead to speak about her estranged relationship with her ex-husband.

Continue reading what she said;

“For my ex-husband, I am not a bitter woman.

I am not the kind of woman who would swear for her husband or boyfriend if all didn’t go well.

“You don’t curse or insult my son’s father for any reason whatsoever.

The fact that we are no longer married doesn’t mean I should go about laying curses (on him),” she stated.


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