I Am Whatever You Say I Am –Boma, As He Seems To Be Tired Of Explaining Himself

Reality TV star Boma seems to be tired of explaining himself over and over again hence has given haters and gossipers the chance to think whatever they want about him saying that he’s whatever they think he is.

Boma got himself entangled with Tega who was a married woman and he was so lucky that he was bullied or backlashed like she was on social media but today has insinuated that he’s tired of explaining himself over and over again.

According to him, he’s whatever his haters and gossipers think he is as he wasn’t that they wouldn’t have said he was that and his post though cryptic suggest it’s directed at someone who probably thinks the worst of him.

His post also gives us an insight that something might have happened for people to think of him in a different way that he might not be pleased with and he decided to be savage and give whoever that is the go-ahead to think whatever they want to think about him.

What matters the most is that he knows he isn’t anything compared to whatever people think or say about him hence telling them he’s whatever they say he is, is just a way of getting them off his back so he doesn’t have to explain himself all over to them.

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