Daddy Freeze urges pastors to refund tithes to their church members

Controversial Nigerian On-air personality, Daddy Freeze has admonished Nigerian pastors to reimburse members of their various churches with their tithe of one year.

Daddy Freeze called out General Overseers of churches in Nigeria to refund the tithes of their members on Saturday, May 9 amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

The media personality and activist shared a screenshot of a news report about how a church in the US refunded three years of tithes to their members. He shared the post on his Instagram page.

Freeze called on General Overseers of churches in Nigeria to do the same by giving back one year of tithes to their members so they have something to ‘eat’.

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He wrote:

“Dear Nigerian GOs, I suggest that you kindly look into this and refund the tithes of the last one year, no need for 3 years, so your people can have meat on their tables from the ‘storehouse of God’.

“Those who collected tithes with Malachi 3:8-10 should in the same vein, bring out the meat from God’s storehouse so the people may eat and not die, God bless you all! ~FRZ”

A couple of weeks ago, Daddy Freeze slammed Nigerians and other Africans for believing religion could end the dread COVID-19 virus.

Daddy Freeze stated that Africans believe religion is more potent than any medication in treating the dreaded coronavirus disease.

Here is what he wrote.

“Only in Africa can people believe that religion, a more potent and lethal virus than Corona, can be used to destroy Coronavirus.

Saying religion can destroy Coronavirus is the equivalent of saying contracting HIV will cure syphilis.

Which virus is worse, religion or Covid19? Religion and poverty go hand in hand. According to statistics, the more religious a nation; the poorer that nation.

Hunger, resulting from poverty kills more people daily than Covid19 has globally. I’m amazed that anyone can make religion a hero in this equation.

And don’t even start with the ‘Christianity is not a religion’ BS. In my opinion, as guided by the scriptures, Christianity practised in most parts of Nigeria is a full-fledged religion that bears no semblance to what Christ taught! ~FRZ”


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