Cynthia Morgan: 5 things up and coming artistes should learn from her ordeal

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  • Cynthia Morgan: 5 things up and coming artistes should learn from her ordeal

Cynthia Morgan is now professionally known as Madrina following her departure from Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye’s record label, Northside.

On Sunday, May 24, Cynthia Morgan sent social media agog after she made claims that she was manipulated; jilted and her legacy was ruined by Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye who is the elder brother of the now-defunct twin duo; P Square. Subsequently, Cynthia Morgan became the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Cynthia Morgan who was undoubtedly one of the most talented women in the music industry; made early promises when she emerged in 2013. She signed with Engees’ Northside Entertainment records, a deal she would state that she regretted ever signing.

Several celebrities and netizens have reacted to the allegations. Indeed, some benevolent social media users have established a GoFund Me account for the ‘Don’t break my heart’ crooner. Amidst the social media fracas, Nigerian singer, Davido has urged her to reach out to him. He seems to have prepared something fascinating for her.

While the controversy might never reach a conclusion; Cynthia Morgan will not be the first Nigerian music superstar to be entangled in a contract rift. Recall Kizz Daniel (formerly Kiss Daniel) was dragged nefariously by G-Worldwide throughout 2017 and 2018; before he could retrace his step in the music industry.

There are a handful of other celebrities who have been down that onerous road; one of creating a balance between meeting the requirements of the record label and attaining freedom. Artistes such as Brymo, Ycee, Runtown, to name a few, know what it feels like to struggle for relevance; especially after falling out with a label.

In this part of the world, there is still a lot to learn and understand; as most entertainers especially musicians, music producers, etc. need to realize that for every penny invested in talent; there is a responsibility affixed with it. The ongoing saga of Cynthia Morgan is a good example.

There are no freebies anywhere. Everything comes with a price.

Jude Okoye, during an interview session with Tunde Ednut revealed that his former talent, Cynthia Morgan; still owes him N40 million. Judging from Cynthia now Madrina‘s heartwrenching Instagram session with Vanessa Ogbevor; it is apparent that she does not possess that humongous amount of money.

Her appearance depicts turbulence, turmoil and depression. She is a shadow of her former self; hence, it is quintessential for up and coming artistes to learn from her misadventure.

Although there are over dozens of life lessons to be drawn from Cynthia Morgan’s pitiful interview; it would be narrowed down to just five.

1. Never mix business with pleasure

There are no freebies anywhere, not even in Freetown.

Never mix business with pleasure. You have a responsibility first as a talent and also as a lead player in the narrative. Carve your niche, serve your purpose and do what needs to be done.

Several entertainers get lost in the luxuries and epicureanism of life neglecting their primary objective. More often than not, it is the activities executed during the leisure time that ruins the purpose of the business. It disrupts the flow of work and leads to a fallout with the record label executives.

Record labels have budgets and timeline for their artiste. Some artistes get lost in the sugar and spice of life and forget that they have an obligation to carry out; first to the company, their record label.

When they fail to attain the goals and objectives set up for them by the label, this is usually the antecedent to their fallout.

2. Get an entertainment lawyer.

Who is an entertainment lawyer?

Entertainment lawyers facilitate and negotiate distribution deals for entertainment projects.

Further, they work on financing agreements for sponsorships, bank loans, co-production investments, grants, and other types of investments. They prepare form agreements for clients, such as appearance releases, location releases, and license agreements.

Entertainment attorneys review contracts and other legal documents to analyze rights issues or other business and/or legal questions.

3. Have your own aim and objective

Remember the SMART theory. It is pivotal that every artiste understands the aforementioned analysis. Apply it to your life and music career.

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Therefore, a SMART goal incorporates all of these criteria to help focus your efforts and increase the chances of achieving that goal.

In an interview in 2016, Adekunle Gold who was signed to Olamide’s YBNL at the time revealed that he had to implement that SMART theory. Recall he was signed to YBNL for just two years before he established his own record label, 79th Element.

There is only so much a record label can do for you.

4. Don’t burn bridges

In 2016, Cynthia Morgan called Davido a ‘fuck boy’. At the time she was one of the most beloved songstresses in the country. However, the internet never forgets.

She had shared a video, in which she mocked Davido, by mimicking his infamous voice saying: “And the award for the best reggae/dancehall category is Cynthia Morgan.”

“F_ck boy ina this industry. Let them know who demma fuck with,” she added.

Funny enough, Davido did not retaliate as he rather maintained a cool head with this heartwarming reply:

“Cynthia Morgan God bless you! You’re talented! I hope U reach were I have conquered and even surpass me!! Stay blessed,” he wrote.

Read the tweets below.

It’s 2020 and the tables have turned in Davido’s favour. Davido has gained a reputation as one of the most benevolent acts in the music industry. He has since reached out to Madrina to help her retrace her music.

Not everyone is like Davido. Time and again, several artistes have come out to nag about wolves in sheep’s clothing. Be careful who you push down the ladder on your way to the top.

Watch the video below.


5. Yes, drugs will annihilate your talent

During Cynthia Morgan’s interview session with Vanessa on Saturday night, the ‘German Juice‘ crooner had to take a moment to blow crack. Now crack will only give you an ephemeral euphoric feeling. Within split seconds, you’re depressed and edgy.

Several netizens noted that the 28-year-old singer looked depressed and worn out. It is due to the excessive consumption of drugs.

Her pale skin, slurred and raspy voice – this is not the flamboyant songstress that we used to know. She is rusty and has literally lost her identity.

Hence, it is pivotal that she checks into a rehabilitation centre to commence her revitalisation.


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