Cross dresser, James Brown celebrates as he gets himself a new Range Rover(video)

Controversial cross Dresser, James Brown has said he just got himself a new whip, a Range Rover.

He shared a video of himself and his loved ones in the ride and wrote;

”HEY DURLINGS , i just got myself a new whip 
Congratulation to me”

Recall that Popular lifestyle influencer, James Brown, schools a fan of his who questioned about his womanhood and also the possibility of a monthly cycle.

The crossdresser in a series of videos insisted on being a woman which triggered fans to quiz his womanhood.

Taking to his Instagram page, James Brown emphasized his gender while revealing what he called proof to those who disbelief him.

Reaching for his underwear, the self-acclaimed Princess of Africow pulled out a tampon, one which he claims to use for his monthly flows.

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