British Pole Dancer Jess Leanne Norris Dies Suddenly At 27

British pole dancing champion, Jess Leanne Norris has died suddenly at the age of 27 after posting that she was finding the Coronavirus lockdown so hard.  The news of her death comes two months after she shared an emotional post on Facebook saying she was finding lockdown so so hard and that a lot of us are feeling stressed, lost and lonely

In her post on social media she shared: ‘I myself am finding this so so hard…it always takes me time to adapt to ‘change’ mentally as I’m one to need structure to cope with mind!  ‘A lot of us are all feeling stressed, lost & lonely… but please don’t feel alone… We’re all in this together.’  In the early hours of today her death was announced to the public and tributes have been pouring in ever since.


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