Bisi Komolafe’s family accuse fiance of having a hand in her death

Even after Bisi Komolafe was laid to rest on Friday, the controversy surrounding her death shortly before New Year Day, is getting thicker by the day.

According to a report of Ladun Liadi’s Blog, the family of the late actress are not happy with circumstances under which she died and are pointing fingers at her fiance, Ijadola.

She wrote: “Some family members of late Bisi Komolafe are not happy with her fiancee, Ijaodola. Some of them have accused him of killing her. They have also told him to immediately vacate Bisi’s apartment and leave all her properties including her Honda Pilot Jeep.

“They even said his fainting and wailing at Bisi’s burial were all staged. Bisi was pregnant for Ijaodola before she got ill and the pregnancy had to be terminated to save her life.”

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