Actress Joke Silva, “Why Nollywood secretly blacklisted me”

Actress Joke Silva, “Why Nollywood secretly blacklisted me”

Nollywood Veteran actress, Joke Silva has opened up on how she felt after being blacklisted by producers and marketers in the film industry.

She narrated her story during an interview with Chude Jideonwo.

Reflecting on the incident, she said: “Years ago we did this film and the producer, you know at that time, that was the time when all the marketers were getting involved in movies.

And this marketer came to our house, we were living in Ikeja at the time, brought money for myself and my husband to come on this movie that they had already started shooting and they wanted us to play the parents of the star of the film.

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We said, ‘okay why not’ and the money was right there so ‘okay, let’s go’. Then we started shooting. It was Fred Amata who directed at the time.

We started shooting and things were going a bit rocky; until one day, we were waiting for the lead actress.

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