Actor Emmanuel Ikubese’s Ex-wife, Anita Brows Reveals Kind Of Man She Can’t Date

The former wife of actor, Emmanuel Ikubese, Anita Brows has said she can not settle nor date a man below her tax bracket.

The make-up artist made this known during a recent interview with Stephanie Coker, where she revealed she can’t date men below her tax bracket.

She added that all Nigerian men do is package themselves to make you fall for them.

She said: “Being a Nigeria, I have learnt that a lot of men go after women that look like they are doing well and her making more.

“Men aspire to be with women like that, even though they are doing well themselves.

“Nigerian men know how to package themselves to make you fall for them.

“Dating within your tax bracket? For me, anything below, I can’t. I can’t really do that anymore. I feel like I have dated someone because I thought they were levelling up in their life, but it was just a facade”.

Many believed that Anita was hinting at the cause of her marital break-up.

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