All ready for the Grand National 2018



It’s one of the greatest horse races in the world, we are talking about the exclusive and intense Grand National 2018, not only the most expected but also one of the greatest parties the racers community has in its schedule. People around the world congregate for this series of races that will take place from April the 12th to the 14th in Liverpool, England.

The Aintree Racecourse it’s the chosen place for this event and it´s been so since 1830 when this series of National Hunt races began. Being strict with the language, the race is a handicap steeplechase that takes the horses through a 4.5 miles racecourse with 30 fences, divided into 2 laps.

The history of this great event takes us to 1836 when the first Grand National took place in some leased lands in Aintree where a few horse racers gathered for their first meeting. 

The organizer of this first race was William Lynn, a horse enthusiast also the proprietor of the Waterloo Hotel and head of a syndicate. The first winner was The Duke, horse that also took the price one year later. It was at 1839 that the word “national” was included in this race, and horses from the whole United Kingdom started arriving at Aintree to fight for the crown.

Since its beginning, the race has seen multiple modifications, had to move its racecourse a few times during the Great War and World War 2, but finally settled close to Liverpool, at the notorious and beautiful Aintree Racecourse. At present day this event congregates thousands for its 3 days long festival, with the main event called the Grand National day, taking place April the 14th as the horses will take place at 5:15 pm.

Handicap system

The race has a very complex handicap system designed to create race as close as possible, but it´s simpler than it looks. The better a horse is the most weight it will carry, while the “outsiders” take the least. Each horse that signs for this race will be measured by an Official Rating called OR, that will largely determine the weight it will carry. The maximum weight allowed for the 2018 edition is 11th 10 lbs and the minimum is 10th.

This ensures that the race will be as contented as possible since there are horses 7 or 8 years old that sometimes have a lot more power than say 10 or 12 years old. Of course, this race and even odds lead to a lot of gambling in this event, since its random nature that could make people a lot of money. You can always check tips for Grand National Day 2018 at UK bookie William Hill and maybe hit a big one yourself.

The race will be transmitted in the UK by ITV for its second consecutive year, as they bought the rights in 2016. The host will be Ed Chamberlain and the organizers estimate that more than 150,000 spectators will enjoy the show from the terraces, while about 300 million will tune for the show on TV and Internet streaming. 

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