New Stranded Set Of Nigerians Arrive From Libya (Photos)



The UN Migration agency, yesterday assisted another 152 Nigerians return from Libya via a chartered flight, in conjunction with agencies of the Nigerian government. 

There were 73 adult males and 69 adult females on board and also 4 children and 6 infants.

The medical team led by Dr. Samuel Baghuma, the head of the Lagos sub-office, was also on hand to provide medical services to those in need

One of the returning migrants Deji, a graduate of mechanical engineering, decided to leave Nigeria in 2017, in search of greener pastures, after having issues with his job and marriage.

After spending about a year in Libya, he is glad to be back home, after hearing about IOM’s assistance at the Nigerian embassy.

He says, “Í wouldn’t want a sworn enemy of mine to go through that experience.”

This is the 35th chartered flight under the EUTF-IOM joint initiative which started in April 2017.

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