Mikel Trashes Mourinho’s training Methods


The Super  Eagles captain John Obi Mikel said Chelsea players were fitter and better under present coach Antonio Conte, unlike last season when they struggled for form under former coach Jose Mourinho.

Despite Mikel’s top form at the Super Eagles he is yet to play any game for Chelsea this season. He submitted that part of Chelsea problems last season includes lack of fitness of the players under Mourinho.

One thing is for sure, is that the team is a lot fitter this season. A lot of players are going to be much, much fitter and that is only going to help the team. “Obviously, quite a lot was made last year that a lot of the players were not fit, so the club decided to go for someone to make sure we are fit. “The players have responded very well to him, we are going with whatever the manager wants to do in training, everyone is putting in their best and we have to keep going his way. “We have to make sure we keep doing whatever the manager wants to do and if we can improve the team that way then I think everybody is on board with that,” said Mikel.


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