First off, on behalf of bloggers nationwide. I would like to start by addressing Linda Ikeji.

Hello bae, I just want you to know that people who do not admire you for the woman you have become are just haters. As a matter of fact they hate you cos they aint you. You have been able to acquire everything you own with time and hard work staying consistent on what you do best.

You have proven that ladies in this country have a choice. They can either work on themselves and grow into women of substance or they can lazy about, wear cheap ass makeup and take pictures in shoprite’s toilet to impress men who only want the “koko” and nothing else.

I recall the first time I heard the name Linda ikeji and I was like “who be that one”. And after I made my research I was like “maaan this one is unique”.

Ignore the losers who keep saying you are old, rich and single. E concern them? Those who uphold marriage as the ultimate achievement are suffering and smiling. They just don’t know how to get out of the cage they have put themselves in. They wish they were in your position.

You are a unique person, period. And fellow bloggers look up to you and pray that God upgrades them to your level.

And now, Mr Wizkid wey drop out of school because he wants to face his so called “music career”.
Niggar, people who drop out of school are people who either cannot afford the cost of their education, people who have high knowlegde about something or people who are retards. I think you are the latter.

Your brain is too blunt to receive lecture, it cannot accept knowledge only make baby mama’s. That’s the reason most of your songs are always having grammatical blunders. No good english, not even good pidgin english.

Let me tell you the kind of people that consider you their role model. Unborn children and teenagers. Matured people and people with wisdom will not even nod to your music.

The quality of your lyrics can only reduce someone’s IQ because it makes no sense AT ALL.

You started out with a great mentor Mr Banky. He groomed you and taught you how to sing and write well and I must admit, those times were the best periods of your career not now you are claiming star boy singing rubbish that only impresses local bitches with no ambition or drive in life.

Leave Linda alone, without her and the likes of us who blog everyday to promote your dumb ass music, you will not be where you are today.

Na when una dey start for una music career una dey beg say make we post una song. When una make small coins una go come dey talk nonsense online.

You had the guts to call her a bitch! What then do you call your baby mamas. They know say you no go take care of your pikins yet they chook head inside.
You have no respect for women. You have no respect for yourself. You dey form bad guy say your PR guy f**ked Linda and left her ass in a hotel. Niggar buy some sense.

Back off and face your music (if that is what you call it) and leave bloggers to do their jobs while you live your fake ass life with borrowed cars and rented mansions. And for the record if you see Linda and you touch her by mistake, mtchew. Silence is golden.

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  1. you’re talking on sentiments cos Linda is a fellow blogger, why do you people like to always nose into people’s affair?

  2. Ayorinde Oluwagbemiro

    Abeg dey support linda, d gal nids to buy sense, why would she b posting pples failure… did u knw hw many stars she has had issues wit… y would she b talking about wizkid’s house rent, is dat her business, such fake news shouldnt b online, shes only tryin to pull d innocent boy down which is nt d best, and dnt evn talk about wizkid’s grammer “u fit speak english reach im?” stupid fake bloggers… Non-sense.

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