How my Boyfriend Broke My Heart When I Started Acting – Actress Funmi Awelewa



Beautiful Yoruba actress, Funmi Awelewa has had her fair share of heartbreaks going by the experience she shared during a recent interview.The Ibadan-based producer of Ife O Dogba and Aromimawe revealed how her previous boyfriend worked away from her leaving her in the lurch.“

Yes, I have been heartbroken before” she told Vanguard when asked if her heart has ever been broken.
“My ex boyfriend broke up with me because of my profession – acting. I don’t know what really happened, he just walked away, probably intimidated by the profession”

“In life, we encounter the good and the bad side of love. All I know is that I am grateful that I am still capable of love” she said, but added that not every man gets intimidated by an actress.

Funmi’s beauty is not the type that sends electric wave at you at first instance, it is the type that envelopes you in its embrace and cuddle you to sleep,without you even having any knowledge of it. She could very well be the most gorgeous Yoruba actress around but Funmi wouldn’t take that.

“Why would I say I am the most beautiful actress in the Yoruba sector when the beautiful ones are not yet born. I am not the most beautiful but one of the most beautiful actresses. We have got many beautiful actresses in the Yoruba sector.” she retorted

When asked to name at least five Yoruba actresses she thinks are more beautiful than her, she named ‘Mercy Aigbe, Bidemi Kosoko, Liz Da’silva, Olaitan Ogungbile, Joke Jikan and many more’.

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